Saturday, November 02, 2013

Will work for food!

I am getting so darn frustrated looking for work. I am 28 years old, aren't I supposed to have some kind of career underway by now? I feel like all I have done in my free time is apply for jobs. I am thankful at least that it is fairly easy to apply for a large number of jobs with it all being online these days, but I feel like that just makes the competition even more fierce because anyone can sit behind a screen and apply to just as many jobs as I do... and all of the same ones that I do. I just remember when I was hiring at The Cash Store the amount of resumes that would fly into my inbox daily when we had our job postings up. And I remember sifting through them all, it would take forever. I had to simply scan the resumes for people with similar experience because there were too many people to look at those who didn't. I keep picturing that happening to my resume over and over. And it is. That is exactly what is happening to it. So because my previous work experience is a payday loan company, that doesn't make me qualified for anything more than that? Do I need to lie on my resume to make it seem like I have the experience they are looking for? I am more than qualified for a reception or administration position, but since I was a branch manager before, I get looked over, nevermind that my duties were the same as a receptionist goes through in a day. Maybe I just need to change my title from 'branch manager' at The Cash Store to 'receptionist' at The Cash Store. I bet that would work. And then if I am applying for a data entry job, should I say I was in charge of data entry at CSF? Is that what this job hunting thing has come down to? I am not about to start lying on my resume, but it is starting to feel hopeless to get in a new industry.

I just want to find something soon. I am thankful to have my part time job with Pet Valu (I get to hang out with the coolest African Grey and play with kitties!) but part time hours at minimum wage is barely cutting it...luckily Steve is getting a decent EI cheque and we live with my mom... otherwise I'd probably have to be out hookin' lol... just kidding?

I just want to give these kids a good Christmas and start planning the wedding of my dreams!

Hopefully the end is near.... anyone have any get rich quick schemes? :P

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