Sunday, November 03, 2013


I guess I should have done this post yesterday or on Friday, but I didn't think of it and I am sitting up at 12:30 on Saturday night feeling like blogging. So I thought I'd share our Halloween - as 'fun and exciting' as it was ;)

So basically for the past 5 years, Steve has been trying to get me to go to Halloween Haunt at Canada's Wonderland. I have flat out refused. I do not enjoy scary things. Also I am pretty convinced that a haunted house/maze is the perfect place for real murderers to murder you. Because by the time it is discovered you have been for real stabbed, the murderer is long gone. I am convinced of this and no one will be able to fully convince me otherwise.

But, this year I was convinced to go. We had made plans to go with my sister and her husband, so I was looking forward to having another super scared-y cat with me. Unfortunately, the day we had planned to go it was a pretty cruddy day weather wise, and two of my sister's kids were sick (among other unplanned circumstances) so her and her hubby had to stay home. We totally understood, but it super-sucked! So Steve and I went and it wasn't as bad as I had expected it to be, but I still got the crap scared out of me a number of times! I am glad we were able to go, even though it was a chilly, semi-rainy night.

I am smiling, but I am not happy.

We decided to leave a little before 11, so we were able to still swing by my friend Hayley's Halloween party :) We really wanted to go (and we were going to go until we realized it was the same night we agreed to go to the haunt with Britt!) and we were going to do a couple's costume - Steve was going to be Phil or Willy from Duck Dynasty, and I was going to be a shot mallard :P Still disappointed we didn't get to put costumes together, but there is always next year!

On Halloween itself, I had to work until 5 (left at 4:30 and got home at the same time I would have if I left at 5... annoying) so Steve got the kids ready to go. Hannah in her pink Spidergirl costume (supposed to be Spiderman's daughter, according to the packaging) and Max wore his Dragon costume again from last year. They were both adorable. It was raining, but we had mild temperatures and the rain remained at a light drizzle the whole night, so it really could have been worse. Max was adorable trick-or-treating! We always say 'I love you' to each other when we leave the house or say 'bye' for whatever reason, so Max was telling all of our neighbours that he loves them haha - it was amazing... oh, and he was also trying to go in everyone's houses and steal their candy bowls :P Hannah did awesome, she remembered everything from last year, a true trick-or-treating professional!

These are seriously the only pictures I got (and I stole the Max one from Steve's pics) because by the time I finally made it hope, I had two very antsy, ready to rock kids. They were not into posing.

So Halloween was good, I am not a HUGE Halloween person like some are, but I enjoy it. Although I am happy it is over because now it can officially be Christmas time <3 

Happy Halloween everyone!

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