Friday, September 06, 2013

Life Right Now

SO much has changed lately... my life one month ago was NOTHING like it is today. Like at ALL!

August started with the kids having their last day with their daycare provider/babysitter as we decided it would be better if Steve stopped looking for work after his layoff and just stayed home with them. I was sad to have to take them out as I felt she was doing a great job, but it made the most financial sense for us. We promised to keep in touch because our boys got so close... (but then she deleted us from Facebook a few days later.... which seemed kind of out of nowhere... maybe we're better off eh?)

SO Steve got to start DADDY DAYCARE! Hehe... I think he was super excited about it! He was also a little nervous for sure, he has never had sole responsibility of them before haha - but I had all of the faith in the world in him. Heck, on his first day he was making homemade baby wipes!

Unfortunately/fortunately (depends on your perspective) 'Daddy Daycare' only lasted one day.... as I quit my job that afternoon.(!) I was truly trying my best to push through and persevere... but I couldn't take it. The amount of bullying and gossiping and... just plain B.S that went on that place, became just too much to bear. I got the blessing from my mom and Steve and I just did it. I couldn't believe it. I was excited and nervous and in shock.

And unemployed. /so my new full time mission was to FIND A JOB! Now we had recently made the decision to move back to London in the new year, so I knew I didn't want to find a job that was so good I wouldn't want to leave it in 6 months.At the same time, I didn't want to take a job I hated. I recalled how much I enjoyed working at Shoppers Drug Mart so many years ago, and I wanted something in a similar field. So I set out for a retail position in a store that I could stand. I spent a solid week searching online and applying at a variety of jobs ranging from a bank teller to a cashier. I then decided that for the type of job I was looking for, I would need to go out and find this job in person.

So I printed off some resumes at the library, planned out my route and my stops for the day, and headed to stop #1: The Real Canadian Superstore. Just so happened they were interviewing for cashiers that day. And I scored an on-the-spot interview. And then got hired. I have this finding a job thing in the bag. I'm pretty stoked about it. I have respect for the Loblaw Inc company and I feel like I could grow with this job. And hopefully be able to find something great in London when its time.

Anyways, so that's awesome. On top of that, WE FINISHED PAYING OFF OUR CAR! OMG! :) We decided to start planning our wedding FINALLY (more on that to come I am sure) and my little lady started junior kindergarten today! 

So much has changed and it has been kind of exciting! I am sure I will elaborate more on everything as time goes, but today I want to show off my BIG GIRL going to JK!!

She was so excited! She was up at like 6:30 and dressed! Bugging us in bed and running around like crazy! We got her all ready and did some cute pictures that I would like to show off now :)

Here is my little collage :) As you can see she was STOKED :) Steve wasn't too happy but we still got a smile out of him :) I was too excited to think about being emotional until she walked into the classroom... then i REALLY had to hold back from sobbing! Max was sad too, he got really upset when she went in!

And here is my Pinterest inspired first day of school official photo :) I had seen many similar ideas over my pinterest days, and I told myself to always remember to do that... and I knew we had a great chalkboard easel so I was set :) it was a little mucked up from Hannah age two using crayon on it, but I think it gave it character :)

 Aren't those shoes rad?

I also had her sign her name :)

 So that's my life right now quickly summed up! Sorry for the rambling! I get like that when I have a lot to talk about!

I hope to continue to update a little more often as life continues :) I have a lot to share!

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