Saturday, April 20, 2013

I blame work

I can't believe I managed to neglect this blog for so long - I loved blogging a lot (even if I didn't have much off relevance to talk about) - I guess I just never expected to lose so much time.  Between working about 45 hours a week and trying to be there for my kids and spending time with my hubby, I hardly have the time to sleep. 

I would like to make more of an effort again. .. maybe I could promise to post once a week. .. I think I can handle that :)

Life has been good though, despite the busyness - my kids are amazing. .. max is hilarious. .. he is almost 15 months old and has such a personality.  And Hannah is turning 4 in less than two weeks! She is all registered for kindergarten in September :) I can't believe it,  but we are pretty excited for her.

I would like to start doing more for myself.  Even if that means staying up later than normal to do something I enjoy - I think I should take advantage of that.

Signing off for now - hopefully I can go back to keeping up with this blog - at least do better than now!