Thursday, January 24, 2013

A letter to Max.

Dear Max.
I can't believe you are one. One year old. My second child is One.  My little baby boy.
You have been such a pleasure to be a mommy to. I cannot imagine a sweeter little man. Thank you for making me smile on a daily basis. Your relationship with your sister touches my heart. You sure do love that girl! And boy,  does she ever love you!  I know it is inevitable that your relationship will change over time and you won't always get along,  but I am cherishing these moments. I know they are fleeting.
You overcame the challenge of your injured skull and we got to feel real fear. I am so thankful that you came out of that as happy and healthy as you did.
We had a rough first year of lots and lots of nursing and little to no sleep. Who would have thought I could keep up with that appetite of yours! I am proud that we did so well together :)
You are cuddly,  snuggly, hilarious, handsome, adorable, happy,  giggly,  wiggly, hungry, healthy, sweet... I could add to this list all day. I just want to thank you for being you and for completing our family. I dont know if you will ever be made a big brother, and if not we are so happy and satisfied that we got you to make us a whole :)
I cannot wait to see the crazy things you will come up with in your second year - we love you Max . .. happy birthday big man xoxox

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