Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Obligatory New Years Rambling :P

2012 was a great year, and probably the fastest one that I can remember (which says a lot when the year has a whole extra day!) - the best part was completing our family when Maxy was born! That started the new year out just right :) It had it's bad moments (like our nightmare with Max's skull and most recently with the passing of our friend Codey :( ) but I try to focus on what made it great!

We moved in with my mom which was a big adjustment, but I think things have been going well! We had a great summer with the kids, heading to Wonderland many times for some summer time family fun! We got to watch Maxy in his first year learn and discover this world. We got to watch Hannah make the beautiful transition from only child to a very proud big sister! Steve and I bot got promoted positions at work and we look forward to being able to save our money to get our home.

My new years resolution? To host next year's New Years Eve party in our OWN HOME. Can we do it? If we work hard enough I think we can.

For now, we will continue living this crazy life and enjoy each other.

Happy New Year everyone!

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