Wednesday, December 05, 2012

"Who's in charge here?!"

Hello all!

 I have been slightly MIA this week because I am back at work now! Bye bye mat leave :( It was very very hard saying goodbye to you (and I am still not okay with it). But my first week back at work has been going pretty good. I am back at the same company I was with before, but as a branch manager, so I got promoted! Go me! I had a lot of negativity and resentment about losing out on a month of maternity leave, but I have decided to try and be more positive. I just didn't want to leave my babies! Can't afford daycare right now, but we found a woman doing home care who has a little guy that is the same age as Max. The kids like her and so far she seems like she will do a good job. They start there tomorrow. What they don't tell you about having kids is that this stuff is the hardest part! Yeah you lose a lot of sleep and there's a lot of poop and crying, but leaving them in the care of someone else? I'll take no sleep a hundred times over! It is so nerve wracking! I know everything will be all good, it is just getting into the swing.

So somebody put me in charge of this place! Yikes! haha - thankfully all of the day to day stuff came flooding back to me once I began working on Monday, so it has been a pretty easy transition. I have been slowly learning my new stuff (but due to unforeseen circumstances my boss hasn't been able to spend much time training me) - Steve has actually been in my branch helping me out (he is the branch manager of the other location) so that has been pretty interesting :P 

All in all I am alright with getting back to life and getting out of the house, earning the "big" bucks :P

Only problem I did not expect is the serious lack of work clothes that I have left... looks like I know what I will be spending any Christmas money on!

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