Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Something for my kids to find

So I have discovered that there are various journalling books out there - not like a plain book to write in each day, but pre-organized journals that ask you specific questions or focus on certain aspects of your life that force you to think outside the box when keeping tabs on yourself. I love the idea of journaling.. I ADORE the idea of journaling (that is why I try to blog as often as my life allows me to) but I don't find my day-to-day life to be particularly interesting.

I looked up the Q&A a Day journal on amazon when I first heard of it and I think it is awesome - the idea of it being a DAILY activity would make me hesitant because I know myself, but I would still love to give it a try. I also browsed through the related books and there are so many variations, it almost makes you want them all! I keep an wishlist going for Steve if he ever is looking for a birthday/Christmas gift for me - I save things that I might not think to mention to him (I get him to do the same thing too) - tonight he gave me an early Christmas gift (surprise, surprise; the captain of not being able to keep a present hidden :P) and it was this book:

MemoRANDOM Lists, Memories, Miscellany

I'm pretty stoked about it! The layout is super cool and it really is random like it says.. there's no date, there's no specific structure.. you can fill things in in the middle before you do at the front... it has very interesting ideas of what to write about/list - from what you ate today to who would you cast in a movie about your life - so neat. You can pick it up and write in it whenever you like. You can finish it this weekend or take 5 years to complete. It is up to you. Which is so perfect for me :P

A big reason why I wanted to journal was because I want something for my kids to look back on and learn about who I am now. My Papa wrote in his diary every single day for years. Nothing major; the weather and something he did that day; gardening, work, dinner out. It is so neat to look back on now that he has been gone for a long time. It has been 16 years since he died (whoa.) and it is nice to read through and have memories brought back.

So I want to fill this in, and I want my kids to find it one day. I might not officially give it to them, but who knows. I just want them to read it years from now and find out about who I was in my late twenties. I know I would think it was totally amazing to find a journal written by my mom from back then :)

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