Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Festivities!

I hate that I haven't gotten into a groove yet since being back to work. I can manage the shower, sleep, get up, go to work part just fine... and the come home, make dinner, eat, play with the kids, bath time, story time bed time part as well. But doing anything for myself? What's that? lol... in the couple of short hours I do have at the end of the day, my energy has just been so zapped that I cannot muster up enough to do more than watch a show. Maybe it was been to do with all of the hectic-ness that comes with Christmas time - thinking about plans, making plans, organizing gifts, shopping, wrapping... I guess that makes a lot of sense... December was a weird month to start work.

But it is worth it for Christmas. I love Christmas. Always have and always will. I will never understand the "bah-humbug" types whatsoever. I am sure it is hard if you do not have the means to give the gifts you want to give, or to get to the ones you love for the holiday though... I can imagine this time of year can be hard then. But you just can't shake the Christmas spirit in the air. Everywhere you go, everyone is bustling about. I just love it. I love the lights, the trees, the parties, the chance to dress up, the chance to dress down, the food , the laughs, the people. The kids! Watching a child as you get closer to Christmas is amazing. The wonder in their eyes, the magic in their heads. Anything is possible!

you can even turn a princess into a pirate...

We had an amazing Christmas - we spent the weekend before in London visiting our families down there -- Saturday was at Steve's mom's, and then my Dad's, and Sunday was at Steve's dad's. Our kids got so spoiled we honestly didn't think we would have been able to bring everything home! By the time we were done at Steve's dad's, we ditched our suitcase and squished all of our stuff into eco bags, every single toy had to be removed from it's box/packaging, and every inch of the trunk and available space between the car seats was taken up. It was un real. And Santa hadn't even been yet! 

Although I am a firm believer in Christmas being about giving to others and being with those you love, getting a new food processor, the books you wanted and killer new boots is pretty damn AWESOME!

Seeing my daughter's face when she opened her water baby made the day for me :) Santa listens baby girl :)

I hope everyone had as magical a Christmas as we did! Looking ahead to a new year full of possibilities!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Night

I am sitting here tonight watching the interfaith prayer service for the Connecticut tragedy. Everyone who knows me knows I am not religious, but I respect those who are. I am watching this and it is beautiful. Sometimes I wish I did believe in something. I think I would fear less, and find comfort in having a place to turn during rough and sad times. But, I don't. But faith sure is a beautiful thing. I imagine it is the only way someone can survive the loss of their child. How could you carry on? I am watching the slideshow of their beautiful and innocent faces and I am crying. They are all so perfect. I see my children in each and every one of them. I try to imagine what those families are going through. It must just be hell on earth. I cannot send my prayers, but I can send my love. I send them all of the love I can muster. I hope you all find the strength to carry on.

I love to hear Obama speak. He is right. We can't tolerate this anymore.

We need to make this world a better place for our children. They deserve to see this world as a magical place with endless opportunities. Sitting here, I don't know what we have to do. But I guess when we feel helpless we can start by loving. We need to love each other. We need to be tolerant of everyone's differences, and instill that into our children. We will never get rid of the bad people in the world, but we can do our best to keep love in our homes.

We have no way of knowing how much time we have with those we love the most. So let's spend it looking into each other's eyes and smiling. We need to tell each other constantly that we love them. There needs to be countless hugs and laughs straight from our guts. We need to respect and encourage each other. Always hope for the best for each other. We need to try and put aside differences, grudges and jealousies. I know that is not an easy task, or even a possible one, but we need to try to keep this in the back of our minds. Even if it only comes back to us once in a while, it is one more moment we are made to stop and appreciate each other.

We need to try and see the world with the innocence that the children do.

Remember them

Remember them. Remember their faces and their names. Ignore the psychopath who stole their lives and the innocence of their peers. He is a nobody who doesn't deserve the space in our thoughts. In ten years when someone says "remember that tragedy in Connecticut?" I want us all to be able to name these innocent children and teachers, and not their killer.

Remember THEM. Remember the heroes. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Something for my kids to find

So I have discovered that there are various journalling books out there - not like a plain book to write in each day, but pre-organized journals that ask you specific questions or focus on certain aspects of your life that force you to think outside the box when keeping tabs on yourself. I love the idea of journaling.. I ADORE the idea of journaling (that is why I try to blog as often as my life allows me to) but I don't find my day-to-day life to be particularly interesting.

I looked up the Q&A a Day journal on amazon when I first heard of it and I think it is awesome - the idea of it being a DAILY activity would make me hesitant because I know myself, but I would still love to give it a try. I also browsed through the related books and there are so many variations, it almost makes you want them all! I keep an wishlist going for Steve if he ever is looking for a birthday/Christmas gift for me - I save things that I might not think to mention to him (I get him to do the same thing too) - tonight he gave me an early Christmas gift (surprise, surprise; the captain of not being able to keep a present hidden :P) and it was this book:

MemoRANDOM Lists, Memories, Miscellany

I'm pretty stoked about it! The layout is super cool and it really is random like it says.. there's no date, there's no specific structure.. you can fill things in in the middle before you do at the front... it has very interesting ideas of what to write about/list - from what you ate today to who would you cast in a movie about your life - so neat. You can pick it up and write in it whenever you like. You can finish it this weekend or take 5 years to complete. It is up to you. Which is so perfect for me :P

A big reason why I wanted to journal was because I want something for my kids to look back on and learn about who I am now. My Papa wrote in his diary every single day for years. Nothing major; the weather and something he did that day; gardening, work, dinner out. It is so neat to look back on now that he has been gone for a long time. It has been 16 years since he died (whoa.) and it is nice to read through and have memories brought back.

So I want to fill this in, and I want my kids to find it one day. I might not officially give it to them, but who knows. I just want them to read it years from now and find out about who I was in my late twenties. I know I would think it was totally amazing to find a journal written by my mom from back then :)

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

"Who's in charge here?!"

Hello all!

 I have been slightly MIA this week because I am back at work now! Bye bye mat leave :( It was very very hard saying goodbye to you (and I am still not okay with it). But my first week back at work has been going pretty good. I am back at the same company I was with before, but as a branch manager, so I got promoted! Go me! I had a lot of negativity and resentment about losing out on a month of maternity leave, but I have decided to try and be more positive. I just didn't want to leave my babies! Can't afford daycare right now, but we found a woman doing home care who has a little guy that is the same age as Max. The kids like her and so far she seems like she will do a good job. They start there tomorrow. What they don't tell you about having kids is that this stuff is the hardest part! Yeah you lose a lot of sleep and there's a lot of poop and crying, but leaving them in the care of someone else? I'll take no sleep a hundred times over! It is so nerve wracking! I know everything will be all good, it is just getting into the swing.

So somebody put me in charge of this place! Yikes! haha - thankfully all of the day to day stuff came flooding back to me once I began working on Monday, so it has been a pretty easy transition. I have been slowly learning my new stuff (but due to unforeseen circumstances my boss hasn't been able to spend much time training me) - Steve has actually been in my branch helping me out (he is the branch manager of the other location) so that has been pretty interesting :P 

All in all I am alright with getting back to life and getting out of the house, earning the "big" bucks :P

Only problem I did not expect is the serious lack of work clothes that I have left... looks like I know what I will be spending any Christmas money on!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

High Five for Friday! (what a week!)

Well I have had a week. I had all of these blog ideas coming to me this weekend (and I think most of them are sticking around in there lol so hopefully I can spew them out before they go away!) but life just got in the way!

My little guy came down with a nasty cough last Friday/Saturday, and it just kept getting worse. I assumed it was a cold and that he would wake up the next day with it loosening up, but it never did. It just got stronger and deeper. I started getting really concerned on Tuesday. We were in London visiting and that morning it seemed like he was doing better, but through the day the cough was relentless. So frequent and often resulting in bringing up mucus. Once we got home that night, I fed him and he fell asleep. I started packing up for the hospital having decided to take off once he woke up (assuming it would be any moment). I was convinced at that point that it was bronchitis or some other chest infection. Well he never woke up (which is something he never does lol) so he clearly needed the rest, and I brought him to emergency the next morning. We were there for over 8 hours! His oxygen levels were low so they put him on the mask with liquid ventolin (which was something he just loved lol) - but it wasn't clearing him up like they would like. The Dr. decided last minute to do a chest x-ray (ugh) and she said that she saw a little "fluffyness" so she wanted to treat it like pneumonia! Which is something I really wanted to hear, especially with Hannah starting to cough at home. The next day they sent me to the hospital in Oakville for a pediatric clinic to follow up. The Dr. there further examined his x-ray (far more thoroughally than the ER doc) and said he wouldn't call it pneumonia (yay!) - but he did find that Max was displaying signs that he was at risk of developing asthma (as life-long chronic asthmatic, my kids getting it was one of my biggest fears). It seems like he will be one of those kids that will need some extra help when he gets sick, and could potentially develop asthma from it. But it could also clear up by around age 6. So we will just have to see what happens! At least I am the mom for the job! I am quite the asthma pro (and so is my mom!). All I care about is today he was finally acting more like his old self.

But anyways, it's Friday and I do not want the day to end without linking up with Lauren for "High Five for Friday" - even though it was a rough week with Max having all of his problems, and now Hannah catching it, there is ALWAYS positives :)


1. Girls night! As I mentioned on Monday, I got out of the house without kids in tow for the first time in ten months :P It was refreshing and a blast :)

2. We (the kids and I.. Steve had to work) hit up London town for some visits on Tuesday. Got to meet my lovely Stephie's new princess Sydney. What a little doll she is! And we got to spend some time at my dad's with him, my step mom, my sister, her kids and Steph and Syd. It was loads of fun (except for Max's increasingly worse cough) 

3. So I am officially starting work on Monday. I met with the regional manager this week and she wants me to take over a branch. So we rushed and scored ourselves a babysitter. While I am not too happy to be going back to work and ending my mat leave early, and having someone else hang out with my preciouses all day and not me, I know it is a positive thing. to find my work clothes...

4. Did some Christmas shopping online this weekend. I discovered that I enjoy online shopping because then all of the packages arrive it is like mini Christmas for me :P (do you think the blur tool helped? ;) lol)

5. Lastly, the HIGHEST 5 is that my little boy is on the mend, and even though his sister is sick, she was already showing signs of improvement tonight before bed. I am so thankful to have a couple of healthy and happy little ones. And while it is one of my fears come to life that Max is now at risk for asthma, I am thankful that I have so much knowledge on it and I live in a country where healthcare is free and easy to come by :)

We should all take a cue from these guys and learn to smile even if we are sickies :)

Thanks for stopping by today :) Let's hope next week is a good week....