Wednesday, November 07, 2012

What's in my purse?

Look at me blogging 3 days in a row ;)

I have seen this themed post done on different blogs I read, and I decided to do it too - wanted something kind of fun to post about!

I included everything, except for the pile of random, crumpled receipts from the bottom :P

I forgot to take a pic of my purse, but it is still on the Payless website - it is an American Eagle cross body bag, and I loved the price. I love it because it is really roomy, so it can double as a diaper bag when I run errands. Also, I found after having kids, a cross body bag is necessary when carrying babies or holding toddler hands... regular purses fall off my shoulder and drive me nuts! (or accidentally hit little toddlers at the bottom of the arm!) :)

Here are my current contents: 

Okay, so let's go over this...

Section 1: If I am reading something, I always keep the book/ereader in my bag - with the kids I have to be a bit of an opportunist, and read when I magically find a free moment. Right now I am reading The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. I am trying to figure out SOMETHING that will help my little guy's bad sleep habits, and I don't believe in the "Cry-It-Out" method. Behind that is Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg. I read that one back in June, but I keep it handy for reference. I didn't need a SINGLE bit of 'help' with Hannah... with Max I feel like I have read and researched every book on the market!

Section 2: My wallet. Pretty straightforward. It isn't some fancy brand name or anything. I think I got it from Zellers. My USB cord for my cell phone - I work between 3 computers so I like to have it handy. Magic gloves, because it is getting chilly, and some Canadian Tire money... bought some window sealer ;)

Section 3: This is my 'necessity' pile. My 'every day' makeup, minus my bronzer (left it in the car... I am a rear-view mirror makeup applier), 2 Sharpies (because one isn't enough?) and a pen, my glasses, ear buds,  hair band and elastic, puffers (I am a life long asthmatic. The blue one is a rescue inhaler, and the orange one is a maintenance medicine... I take it every day and I am almost normal!) - the cigarettes I KNOW don't 'go' with the puffers.... I was a smoker, and I quit for both pregnancies, and I have remained *almost* quit since Max was born.... I have ONE at night after he is in bed. I don't normally carry them and I can't exactly figure out why they are in there... but I am not about to hide anything :) - and finally a random tartar sauce. This is the best tartar sauce in the world! And whenever we pick up fish and chips, whoever goes is responsible for LOADING their purse/pockets with it. Apparently there was a straggler from last week :P

Section 4: I call this my "mama" section. 2 Bibs, a snack bag with baby cereal + a spoon, Mum-Mums and a Dora fruit snack. I usually have a jar of baby food in there too but it got used. I am always prepared :P

The only thing not pictured is my phone. I always have my phone! But it is also currently my only camera :P so I couldn't do both :)

If anyone else has done this sort of post, or becomes inspired to do so, please share a link in the comments!I I'd love to see :)

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