Monday, November 12, 2012

The magic is coming!

As much as I enjoy Halloween, I am always counting the days until it is over because then it can officially be the Christmas Season :P

My family is not religious in any way shape or form, (I will take this opportunity to mention that while I don't believe in God, or follow any sort of religion, I still am respectful of those who do.) and I know that Christmas is a religious holiday, but we go all out! We put our non religious spin on it though. We use it as an opportunity to celebrate each other, and to spend time with those who are most important to us. It is about the magic of Santa Claus and the mystery of how he travels around the world in one night! It is about the excitement in my daughter's eyes when ANYTHING to do with Christmas is mentioned (last year was the first year that she 'got it' and her life was changed forever). It is a chance to recognize the good in the world rather than the bad. It is taking the time to do something special for the ones we love. I find so much joy in giving people the most perfect gift. I eagerly watch them open it and see their reactions. Especially if it was something they did not expect to get!

It is just pure and simple magic. As we grow older the magic tends to die a little (most of it leaves when the truth about Santa is revealed). I am so thrilled that it is back! The minute your child understands what is happening is the minute the magic returns. And it is incredible. Last year Hannah didn't really understand what was happening. She didn't know what I meant when I talked about Santa (or when she met him), she didn't REALLY comprehend the tree, and even setting out cookies and milk the night before, I could tell she was just doing what we were telling her to do. How would she be able to understand it? She was 2 1/2 and had no frame of reference. But Christmas morning changed it all. She was ecstatic opening her gifts, and she was making the connections as we read out when a gift was from Santa. She understood that the cookies were for him. She caught the magic. We bounced from house to house in our day's celebrating, and the excitement was in the air. She has literally spent the last year talking about Santa and Christmas.

So now when we talk about it, and mention the upcoming parade, and discussing where the tree will go, I can see the magic coming back.

Yesterday we had an amazing November day with temperatures hitting almost 18ºC, and the sun was shining. We decided to take advantage of the weather and get the lights up. Who knows when we will have another day so mild? (tomorrow is set to drop to 3º!) And on a weekend no less! We weren't planning on starting our decorating until next weekend (the weekend of the local parade) but who can pass up that weather? We are still waiting until next weekend to do the tree though.

So Hannah got to participate in the unravelling, testing and placement of the lights for the first time! (We never did outdoor lights at our townhomes before we moved here) I think she loved it - I wish I had a pic of the house once night fell, but that is my busy time of day :P I'll get one.

doesn't look much like Christmas, but it is sure starting to feel like it :)

Anyways, I'll always say Merry Christmas to everyone, because I want to! :) But this made me giggle :)

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