Saturday, November 10, 2012

Same Brains

I don't know if it is a symptom of being together every day for 4.5 years, or if we are just that couple, but a couple of years ago, I think our brains melted together. We both can tell what the other is thinking most of the time... like if I am about to leave the house and Steve goes "oh hey babe?" I say "large or extra large?" (because I know I need to get him a coffee lol) - we break out into song AT THE SAME TIME way too often to be normal and when we watch a movie, we both jump to the same conclusions about what is happening, at the same time. It's hilarious. Today we were at Giant Tiger (for non Canadians; I guess I would describe it as a very mini Wal Mart) - we were browsing the kids clothes to see if we could find anything cute for our kids or the kids in our lives for Christmas. He was browsing the boys stuff and I was in the girls... at the same time, we both rushed over to each other to show the other something. We both presented the SAME THING: a t-shirt that comes with a free mini skateboard. Mine was a girls one in Hannah's size and the other was for one of the boys in our lives (cannot go into details in case one of his parents reads this :P). Needless to say we bought them both.

Going on 5 years together... engaged for almost 4 lol - we have been through a lot in our years together, started our family early on - but we have been in it together since the start and we will keep going the same way!


Maybe one of these days I will be able to explode wedding all over this blog haha.. I literally cannot wait until we can plan it :)