Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More Crushes

I've been at it again... online window shopping. It is literally torture, but I can't stop!

So I thought I would share on here so it feels productive ;)

This gorgeous top from Addition Elle - I love the colour so much and I LOVE a shiny top :P I could justify the price if I had many holiday events, or a New Years party to go to, but I don't. So I will continue to drool.

Sequins! But again, nowhere to really wear it... I think I just love New Years eve so much, I am always planning an outfit for it :P

This hoodie for my princess! She loves Hello Kitty!

This necklace from Aldo Accessories! I like it because it is a bit of a statement necklace, but it isn't so big and bulky like a lot of the ones in style right now are. It would really help dress up my usual casual look.

I am most definitely in the market to colour my hair (case in point: grey roots are taking over!!). I normally like to go bright red, but I am leaning more towards a more muted brown-ish shade for the winter. I use Garnier when I want to go REALLY red, and it is awesome. I also tried and reviewed L'oreal Subline Mousse hair colour this year and loved it, but I felt that 2 boxes was pushing it for my hair. It has been growing and growing since then, so I think it would be more cost-effective to go for the Feria this time around as I used it the last time my hair was this long. What do you think of that shade? I like it a lot - it will be a little redder because I have such a red base, but it will be nice I think.

I fantasize of a home office often. I don't know why, I don't conduct business or anything. But if I had the space, I would be all over it! And I would want this desk!! It isn't too fancy, but I LOVE the cubby hole storage :) I think I would be torn between this dark wood and the white though. I would probably go for the dark due to my intense clumsiness.. I can picture coffee stains.

Okay, that feels better. Now I am not too depressed about not being able to run out and purchase all of these things that I covet! ... Oh wait... I still am... le sigh... ;)

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