Monday, November 05, 2012

I miss my blog

When we moved, blogging ended up on the back burner a bit. Life became so busy - Max hit the age where he was no longer content to just lay in his playpen or chill in his bounce chair. Plus I think living with my Mom forced me to get up and be busier than I may have been if I was on my own. Which is obviously a good thing, as much as I would love to laze it up sometimes.
I guess I've been less inspired too. Im grateful and happy to be here, but when you're not in your own space I find its hard to get your creative juices flowing.

This blog is so random too. I would love to find a central focus and have this thing take off. It gets difficult to justify typing to no one. what convinces me to do it honestly is in the hope that one day I might make something out of this page, and a reader might look for old posts. Sorry future reader,.I'm not too thrilling!

I have been feeling slightly more inspired lately though. Reading blogs and discovering new ones. Makes me want to rethink everything and find my niche. I might just have to allow it more time in my head, and stop putting it on the barnburner.

Well this was a random rambling. But I wanted to post something and I did.
I hear a picture helps... So here is one of my boy and i... I am determined to take a good one of Hannah and I too... She just always has ants in her pants :P ... And if I'm not aiming too high, the 3 of us :P

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