Friday, November 23, 2012

High Five for Friday!

That was quick! For a week with absolutely nothing going on, it sure went by nicely! It was a little hard picking out the five notable things today, but there is always something :) No Thanksgiving this week here in Canada! We had ours over a month ago :P But I am always a little jealous because I enjoy a nice turkey dinner :) Maybe we will have to have one one day soon, just because!

 I have some fun things to look forward to this weekend/upcoming week so I am actually already looking forward to next week's H54F post :)

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#1 - Christmas fun! Put up the tree and got to watch the Santa Claus parade with the kids! Our shopping is nearly complete which is a nice relief... But I have found an unexpected problem with shopping early.... We seem to just buy more things. Not good on our bank account! (But it's going to be one hell of a Christmas!) We also did Hannah's Magic Santa video! We did one last year too and she watched it over and over! No different this year! She HAS to have watched it 50 times by now! (If you have never been there, it allows you to create a video message from Santa for a child or any loved one :) )

#2 - Max is a superstar. I don't know why I was so worried! He started taking a bottle like a pro in no time! To celebrate, I am going out on Saturday for the FIRST time (without him in tow) since he has been born! Steve's going to hang out here and tend to his many wakings (which are improving - my little champion!), and I am going to spend some quality time with girlfriends and a beer!

#3 - Old photos! My mom and I went on a little kick of looking through photos of our first few years as kiddies this week (while the dishes remained piled up... we were procrastinating huuge) - I kept texting pictures to my brother and making fun of him - like this one "Look how much Mom cared about you!!" (haha as he sleeps alone on the couch with Mom's back to him :P )
Yes, I am the creepy child in the front corner haha
#4 - Some mid-week family time. Steve had to close at work on Thursday - while it sucks because I like having him home in the evenings, it was neat hanging around in the morning in our jammies :)

#5 - Enjoying what might be the last beautiful day of the year! +13ยบ Thursday. It so was nice to get outside and let Hannah run around with her friend Zachary while Mom and I raked and bagged leaves that BADLY needed to be done! Nothing perks you up like a beautiful day!

It's always nice looking back on the week and picking out the great moments :) 

While I have you here, I need some creative ideas..

I have a couple of these formula canisters (the lids pop open but don't come off - like on a hinge) - they are pretty sturdy and I would like to re-purpose them somehow but I am at a bit of a loss creatively... so any suggestions are welcome!

Have a great weekend! :)

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  1. There's gotta be something on Pinterest for a craft with old formula containers.

    Have fun on your first night away from little Max...I know you'll miss each other...but it'll be good for both of you!!