Friday, November 16, 2012

High 5 for Friday!

Yay it is Friday again! Being on mat leave makes all of the days blend together, but I look forward to the weekend so I've got Steve home and I've got the extra hands! I am REALLY looking forward to taking the kids to the Santa Claus parade on Saturday :) The weather is supposed to be good and it should be a blast :)

This week wasn't much to brag about - lots of lost sleep - caused by the kids AND debating whether I should go back to work early or not. But there is always something positive to think about, which is why I like doing this High Five For Friday post - forces me to seek out what was great amid the crap (which is sometimes difficult to see)

High Five for Friday
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#1 - This guy. Our kitty Martin. He spends all of his time outside, but since the weather has been cooler, he has been taking refuge in the house to sleep (what a concept!). He has tried various locations on our counters... and has enjoyed knocking things onto the floor in the night and breaking them/giving me heart attacks! We left the cup cupboard open and this is where he decided to snooze :P

#2 - Playing witches :) Hannah and I ran around the house with hats on and brooms between our legs cackling :P It was good ole fashioned 3 year old good times!

#3 - My brother found his old Cat in the Hat book so we have read it for a couple of nights now... she LOVES it.. we do story time every night but lately I haven't been holding her attention with our old stack. It has been nice having her hanging onto my every word again :P

#4 - I got my November Top Box on Wednesday! It is a really good one, and I am *hoping* to review it soon, whenever I am given the time to play around with everything.

#5 - These guys. Always. But in light of me potentially going back to work soon, I need to stop thinking of myself and how it will effect me, but I need to think of them and how much they will thrive being in a daycare setting. And how I might be a better mommy if I get to spend time being other things. Like Ashley.

*Additional #6*
Just want to single out Steve for a sec - He has been really supportive and understanding of my apprehensions about taking this job and has always let it be an option for me to turn it down. I am not going to, but knowing that if I concluded that I was TRULY not ready, I could have.


  1. Love that you played "witches" with your daughter. I think it's so great when parents just do some old fashioned play time with their kids. You're an inspiration! I just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better. I hope you don't mind if I follow along!

    new follower :)

    1. Bonnie thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind words :) it means a lot :) loving your blog and i have hardly even had a chance to have a good look - thanks for the follow i'll be following you back :)