Thursday, November 08, 2012

Being 3 is hard

My poor princess. She is trying to figure it all out. We are at a stage right now where we are playing with eliminating her nap. Sometimes it works well, but sometimes, like all of us on less than usual sleep, she is a little hard to handle. I hope she knows that even when I am being stern with her, I love her dearly and everything I do I am hoping helps to shape her into a well adjusted young woman.

I love you angel <3


  1. Awww, your little girl is the cutest!
    And thanks for the sweet blog love :) Gooobama! Haha


    1. thanks for visiting and commenting :) it is nice to have people here ;)

  2. Your babies are beautifulllllllllll!!

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday, so glad you did!