Monday, October 01, 2012

My Attempt at Getting Healthy

It is no secret that I am overweight. I have always had poor eating habits, and rarely exercise. This has resulted is low self confidence/self esteem, low energy and ridiculous amounts of laziness. I have always hated the way I am. I felt like I was a bad influence on my kids. Feeding them the healthiest food, while I make poor choices for myself. "Do as I say not as I do" mentality. My problem is that I don't know how to eat better. I don't know what to put in my grocery cart. What the heck is quinoa? Are potatoes bad for me? What am I even looking for on these nutrition information labels?

At the end of the summer, Steve and I took the kids to the park, and snapped this photo of me:

When I saw that I couldn't believe what I saw. I knew I didn't look great, but I didn't think I looked like THAT. That is the photo that did it. I was mortified and disgusted honestly. 

Again, I didn't know where to start. Asking advice on facebook just confused me even more. "Cut out carbs" "watch your calories" "join weight watchers" "don't eat meat". SO much advice. It was all great advice, and everyone had their stories as to why their route was the best route. Still didn't help me much. Did you know everything awesome has carbs? I am a lover of the creamy, of the deep fried! How can I do this?

Thank goodness for my old high school friend. She created a group called "Healthy Mamas" on facebook. A group for just some local friends (and friends of friends) who have kids (most of us aged 3 or younger) who want to begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle. This group couldn't have come at a more perfect moment. It is a private group so nobody has to see what we type or what we post. We do nothing but support each other, cheer each other on, and post great tips and advice. It has given me the confidence to try. It has given me the support of fellow mothers who understand my lifestyle, and I don't have that any place else.

Before I found out that I was pregnant with Max, a girl at work and I were on a website called Lose It. It is a calorie counting weight loss program. You put in your (realistic) goals for weight loss, and the website gives you a daily calorie limit. According to the website, if you follow your calorie intake limit (plus exercise) you should reach your goal by a certain date. I stopped when I got pregnant, but I decided to start it up again. I figure counting calories is a great place for me to begin, and as I learn, I can adjust my diet/lifestyle to suit the new things I discover.

So I will say that i "technically" began my "diet" on September 17th 2012. That is when I decided to start logging my calories again on Lose 

My first issue was that I did not own a scale. So my initial numbers have been guesses. NOW I AM GOING TO BE TRUTHFUL!! Lol.. as much as it hurts, I will post my real numbers (because who reads this blog anyways? ;) honestly)

I had not weighed myself since before Max was born. If I remember correctly I was about 285/290lbs (I know.)
My educated guess for my current weight was 260lbs. I am nursing which helped me drop a lot, but I didn't think I could have lost much more than that. Well after being on my diet for 2 weeks, it was very frustrating to not know if it was even doing anything. (According to my calorie guide, I should be losing 2lbs a week)
Yesterday I stopped by my grandma's house and hopped on the scale. I was SHOCKED! I actually weigh 245lbs! Still nothing to brag about, but it sure felt good to know that I weighed 15lbs less than I thought I did! Now that still doesn't help me in knowing if my diet is working, but I know that when I check again in a week I will have some idea. It also feels great to know I am that much closer to my goal without even doing anything :P

So I have put my goal weight at 185lbs. I think that is attainable. But I am way less concerned about that number than I am about the size of my clothes. That goal is to be able to go to any store in the mall to go shopping. I want to be able to buy jeans ANYWHERE. Not just the plus size stores. I miss the mall. The last time I went shopping in the mall I left feeling pretty depressed. 

My exercise goal is to get to a point where I am a jogger/runner. I want to love it. I want to want to run.

My number one goal however, is to be a good example for my kids. I want to find the energy to play with them whenever they want. I want to run with them and live life with them. I want them to want to be just like me.

If anyone wishes to join me on Lose It my username is whatsupashley :)

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