Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Hello again!

So I am still on this getting healthy "kick" - I have never in my life stuck to any form of diet for more than a week before - I have been making healthier choices exclusively (not just limited to buying low fat salad dressing lol) for 3 1/2 weeks now. I am feeling so proud of myself, without even knowing if i have lost any weight or inches, I continue to feel motivated just because of how far I've taken it so far. I have tried foods I never thought I would try (or heard of!) and explored new recipes to get out of my comfort zone. I feel good that I am sharing these choices with my kids as well.

I know that I have a tendency to skip lunch (or sometimes breakfast) trying to save time, and in doing so I cause myself to snack excessively. I have curbed the snacking by keeping less junk round, and by reminding myself that it is my downfall, but in return I am not eating. So to combat the skipped meals, lost calories (I need those for the big baby Max who still relies on me for food) and lost nutrients and vitamins, I decided to try this smoothie recipe I found on Pinterest.

From a blog called Iowa Girl Eats she claims that this smoothie called "The Green Monster" is her secret diet weapon. Promises that it does NOT taste healthy at all, despite being FULL of spinach! I was intrigued - so I read all of the ingredients, sounded simple enough. I didn't have almond milk or spinach on hand, but a pretty simple trip to the store.

I made it this morning for breakfast and I followed everything to a T.... I thought that for a drink with THAT much spinach in it, it tasted pretty damn good! It obviously wasn't as sweet as a smoothie made with juice and milk would be, but definitely yummy enough to replace my cereal!

My only issue was that I found the taste of peanut butter to overpowering. I considered trying a different nut butter, but when I went to pick up a tiny little jar of almond butter for $7, I decided against it! So tomorrow I am just going to omit the peanut butter, and maybe add some more fruit instead. (Going for kiwi over raspberries... I don't think I would like it if i turned the Green Monster brown :P)

Any smoothie tips? Add ons that you like?


I will also chime in here about exercising because i titled this post 'Exercise?' so I guess I should talk about it.

Exercise and I are not friends. Never have been. I am hoping, however, that we can become friends in the future. Rather than talking about it, I finally did something other than a short walk to the park.

I went out last night after the kids were in bed and did a speed walk around my neighbourhood - just up and down streets, keeping it close in case Steve called saying I needed to come back. Then I picked a few secluded side streets to jog down! (Didn't want anyone to see me!) Considering my shape and weight I think I did great! And I went out again tonight despite my legs hurting! I am semi following this:

The pin is from a tumblr account and the original post was long lost.. so if it's yours show me where to properly link it please!

Anyways, I have added the little bits of jogging mostly to just see if I can do it.. but I think that is a decent guideline. I can't follow it exclusively because winter is coming so I am thinking if it gets to the point where I cannot jog in the winter I will try indoor videos instead. 

But I don't need to be getting ahead of myself! The fact that I went out two nights in a row is surprising enough! :)

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