Friday, September 07, 2012

I don't think I like it

I know I know, I don't post anymore. Let's just pretend I am always here!

I just had something curious happen today and I wanted to share my thoughts.

Our neighbours are Jehova's Witnesses. Normally something like that would make me groan (because of the assumptions about them) but they are wonderful. They never talk about their religion and certainly don't preach to us like you assume they would. They are a normal family (why wouldn't they be, really). They have two young boys who get along REALLY well with Hannah. They all have so much fun together, and their mom is the sweetest woman.

Today the youngest boy (4) was over on our deck saying hi to Max. he was talking to him and making him giggle. It was really sweet! Then he said to Max "I love you!" and cupped his mouth and immediately laughed and said "Oh! I am just kidding! A man loving another man? No way!" I shrugged it off (and resisted my urge to inform him that it is okay to love whoever you want to) and he eventually went on his way.

I started thinking about it after and it kind of bothered me. I can't imagine Hannah, at 4, actually understanding the concept of love in a romantic way, let alone who it exists between. I understand that those views on homosexuality are a religious perspective, but why does a 4 year old know about it? Knowing that romantic love exists, and that it is wrong to exist between people of the same gender. I think children of that age should only know love as they understand it themselves. They love their family, and their friends, and animals, and ice cream. I don't know if I am even conveying this right. But a 4 year old being taught that homosexuality is a sin at such a young age. Knowing to judge people and to look at people through negative eyes. It's just sad to me.