Monday, April 02, 2012

`Zombie` Green Onions

A while ago on Pinterest I pinned something about how you can regrow your green onions in a glass jar of water in your window.

Green onions arent exactly expensive, but I love them, and the idea of having a few fresh ones on hand if I didnt have any sounded pretty convenient!

So last time I used them i grabbed a glass and threw them in, not expecting much...

So according to the date on the photo file, I started these on March 23rd.... well here they are below, on March 25th - TWO DAYS LATER! Back from the dead! (Hence calling them zombies hehe)

Can you believe how fast they started to grow? I was blown away. And below is a shot from the next day! March 26th! 24 hours later!

Did anyone else know green onions grew this fast? I grew them in my garden once and they kind of took over, but this little experiment was really exceeding my expectations. Below was taken 3 days later, March 29th.

They are practically back to store bought size! The next one was taken yesterday.. I harvested one onion and put it back and it had already started to regrow... and each onion was starting to sprout a second shute! (We also bought more green onions to make a bunch of nachos, so I threw some more in)

I figure why not? It`s better than buying them every week just in case, and having them wilt in the fridge when you don`t end up using them!

(Also I just noticed the dead fly on the windowsill in each photo lol.. gross.. how did I not notice him?)

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