Friday, April 06, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge April 6

So I am a huge fail.

I was all excited for today's prompt "lunch" because we were going to my nephew's birthday party at Mcdonald's today, and I was all prepared for a whole bunch of adorable photo ops of Hannah hanging out with the big kids, and all of the kids having a blast. I was thinking 'lunch' didn't have to mean the food, it could also mean what was up at lunch time!

Except everything was so busy! lol all of those boys just so loud and hilarious, having the time of their lives! And Hannah, not even 3, was sitting at a table with the girls at the party... hanging out with the older girls! It was freakin adorable! But of course I spent the whole time chatting and enjoying the party, and taking care of Max when he got fussy... I totally forgot about the photo! (So did Steve!)

I did however take a couple of photos, they aren't anything special, but they're cute anyways! So these will be for both Steve and I for today!

Hannah observing the wild and crazy 5 year olds!

I scrambled to get this shot before they all disbursed! My birthday boy nephew is the little guy in navy standing beside Hannah! Look at all of those kids! SO fun!

I assure you I will be posting non-photo challenge entries soon, maybe tonight... it has just been a hectic week! 

As long as Max stays like this, I can get something done ;) ...

He is man enough to rock a pink playpen and a purple blanket... doesn't bother him a bit! :P

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