Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge April 4

Today's prompt: someone who makes you happy

Normally I try to do these early because I get excited (I'm nerdy like that) but I wanted to take a photo of Steve for this, and he was working all day. Plus today was super busy preparing for our short trip to Brampton. We left around 5, and even though we are barely going to be here for 24 hours, travelling with two kids (and one an infant) requires waaaaay too much equipment!

Anyways, I will put both Steve's and mine in this one post.

I chose Steve as someone who makes me happy because he does every day. We really work well together. And without him and I being a team, we wouldn't have our beautiful babies! Our little family is the best!
Poor Sunburnt face lol

And of course for Steve's, he's a copycat and took a photo of me lol... but that is nice of him hehe

Not a big fan of this pic, but it is not my challenge! :P

Anyways this is it for today, tomorrow I will try to blog more. I enjoy it a lot. But we have a busy day ahead. Going to hang out with my mom and get the stuff to make my Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Alfredo for my mom and my aunt!

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