Monday, April 09, 2012

Photo a day 7,8,9! lol

So Easter made me fall behind!!! lol

Mostly because I never found myself outside enough to take a proper 'shadow' picture for Saturday's photo prompt.

So today I said screw it, I don't need outside to take a shadow pic! So meet my shadow puppet!

I'm not sure what it is supposed to resemble

Next is 'Inside your Wallet' from yesterday's prompt

Don't be fooled, that $100 belongs to my kids.... they have more money than I do.

And finally, today's photo prompt is 'younger you' - I 'stole' this from my friend Shannon's facebook because I don't have any younger pictures of me here! :P

This is from 6th grade I think! Beatty Fleming Middle School! :)

I'm going to try and stay on top of the pictures from now on! lol! As for Steve? I have no idea when he plans to catch up :P

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