Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Trying to come up with an idea for my photo challenge today (the prompt is Mail), I decided to go browse the Flickr group that the host of the challenge Fat Mum Slim set up for the submission of photos.

People are so darn creative! Seeing all of the different beautiful stationary and letters that people took photos of made me wish that I had mail that was more interesting than bills and flyers.

Made me remember when I was a kid, I had a couple of penpals. The "bop" magazines I would always read would have these pages where you can fill in things about yourself, and submit them to find a penpal. They were short lived friendships because as a 10 year old, I had a short attention span for that sort of thing. But it sure was fun recieving letters just for me!

I want to do that again! I want to find new and interesting people around the world (or even the country) to share letters between. The problem is I don't know too many international people lol. I breifly searched for penpal websites, but I fear all I will find is weirdos lol.

I am determined though, I will find some penpals!

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