Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Oh lawd...

I walked in the house after bringing Steve to work and I thought I heard a faint teeny, tiny mew. We knew Zoey was pregnant, but didn't think she was due so soon! We had intended on bringing her to the humane society before she gave birth (that is a long story).

But in the 45 minutes that I was gone, she decided it was time! I first ran upstairs, remembering that I saw her sniffing around the hall closet this morning. I was praying that she didn't have her babies in there! It was kitten free, thank goodness!

Next I checked the basement, and lo and behold, there was Zoey, sitting on the love seat with two little baby kittens nursing. I couldn't believe it! I went upstairs and left her alone. This is her fourth litter in her life, I knew she knows what she is doing.

I went back down about thirty minutes later to check if there were any more but still just two. I called Hannah down to have a look too. Good thing I was there then, I caught one as it was about to fall off the couch! I realised then that Zoey had chosen a poor spot for these little guys. Hannah and I went searching for a box immediately. I found one that was full of random stuff, I just emptied it, figuring I could find a place for that stuff someplace else. I lined the box with a baby blanket from the hospital (we have plenty) and put Zoey and her two babies in.

Now I am just waiting to see if she has any more! I kind of hope she doesn't.. the fewer kittens she has, the fewer homes we have to find! But kittens are so cute! lol

Once she is all done for real, I will take pictures and put them up for all to see!

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