Sunday, April 01, 2012

Dream Home Daydreaming

Steve and I always dream about winning our millions in the lottery. We talk about what we would do with the money to the point that we begin to feel very disappointed that we don't have it! I know, I know, money doesn't buy happiness and I should be happy with what I have, but wouldn't it just be a blast to be a millionaire?

The biggest thing on my wish list for when we win the lottery is to build my dream house! I don't think I would want to move to a completely different province, or to the states, just maybe a beautiful place near a beach or on the lake, not too far from our families. It doesn't need to be overly big, but I do have some specific ideas. Whenever my mind gets on the dream home track, I love looking at celebrity homes. I get upset, yes, but it's also fun to fantasize!

I picture earthy colours, hardwood everywhere, a gorgeous, large outdoor patio, surrounded by trees and cozy comfort. I picture a home designed for entertaining. I'm not the fancy dinner party type, but I love family. I love the idea of having everyone over for casual suppers, some drinks and good times. I want there to be ample space for my kids and my nephews to play together. I want an open concept space where I can be cooking in the kitchen, but still be completely involved with what is happening in the family room.

This is Jennifer Aniston's old home.. I love that wall, and the dark wood everywhere. So cozy and comfortable.

This is Hynes Ward's kitchen... aside from the colour scheme it is very close to what I am picturing for us (except for the counter space that is against the wall is a little sparce...)

I want a big kitchen with beautiful granite counter tops (very SPACIOUS ones), a large island with a built in stove top, and bar stools to encourage conversation. A big fridge stocked with everything I need for anything I wish to cook! I want one of those double ovens (not sure what they are called, but they let you cook two different things at different temperatures), and a big ole dishwasher. And of course it wouldn't be complete without beautiful art everywhere.

Another dream is a beautiful extravagant outdoor space! If it's getting to be too much, keep going! I love Kim Kardashian's outdoor space (below). It is ridiculous! Is it always set up like that? What if it rains? lol.. either way, it just looks so inviting and comfortable!

But then there is Jerry Seinfeld's outdoor space... just look at the view you get to have while enjoying the evening air!

Looking at celebrity homes inspires me. Maybe Steve and I will find our callings, and be successful enough to get these things on our own! I don't foresee us being movie stars, or rock stars, but not every big beautiful home in the world belongs to one of those!

I don't care much for the stark white homes, or the houses with too much space. It looks cold and uninviting.

However, this could be a girl's ultimate fantasy!
This is Christina Aguilera's old home (purchased from the Osbournes) - here to see a blog that featured the whole house. It is pink and beautiful and girly and gorgeous!

It's fun to fantasize about a dream home. I have an album full of photos of my favourite celebrity homes. Actually I have most of them uploaded to my photobucket account here.

Anyways, that was fun daydreaming for a bit! Time to get back to my reality of yet another stain on my carpets!!

Oh.. I almost forgot.. Steve fancies himself a 'grotto' kind of guy ;)

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