Saturday, April 14, 2012

can't wait to move

this part of the moving process is the worst.

The house is in such disarray, it is almost overwhelming. Normally the house is a little untidy, lived in. Toys here and there, a few dishes in the sink, but a house that has started to be packed up is insanity. You lose all motivation to give a crap, too. Why bother cleaning? We are leaving soon! I have also lost all desire to cook. The kitchen seems smaller than ever before. We need groceries badly. I am going tomorrow, but all the enjoyment is gone. Yes, I often enjoy grocery shopping. I have a huge supply of recipes I am dying to make, but I am not attempting anything until we are at my mom's.

I can't WAIT until we are there. (Well, I can in the sense that I am truly going to miss London and all of the wonderful people that are in my life here, but I can't wait to be settled). I am looking forward to having my mom's company while I am home all day. One can go a little nuts without some adult conversation through the day! I am also really excited because my mom likes trying new recipes out like I do. I remember watching Rachael Ray with her one day when she was visiting, and she had Guy Fieri on. He made this awesome tequila turkey fettuccine Alfredo. It had a million ingredients, but we decided to go to the store, and get every single item on that ingredient list, with zero exceptions! It was AMAAAZING! I can see us doing a lot of stuff like that when we are living there. It's going to be such a welcome break to have a little bit of help with the kids through the day too. I will finally be able to fit in some more one-on-one mommy Hannah time. Hopefully that will make her feel as special as she is to me. It's so hard to fit that quality time in with the baby needing so much of my time while nursing, and with Steve being at work often until 8:30.

So many positive changes are coming with this move that it is helping distract my mind from all that we are leaving behind. But I am the type of person that tries to remain as positive as possible, so I am refusing to dwell. Steve is going to be making SO much more money at his new job, which means we can save THAT much more money every month, and get to our goal THAT much quicker. And at the end of the day, that is why we are doing this.

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