Friday, April 06, 2012

Big Changes Positive Changes

So Steve and I have decided to make a big change in our lives.

The one thing we want most in the world (physical thing anyways) is to own our own home. We want to put some roots down. We want a place we can finally be proud of. No more being suck just "dealing with" the condition our rental units are in. most of all we at just tired of paying rent every month and not actually getting anything out of it.

But how can anyone manage to save up a down payment while paying such huge amounts of money every month in rent. After the rest of our bills and groceries we are lucky to have anything left. Our dream seemed completely unattainable.

Back in February my mom suggested us moving to Brampton to live with her and not have to pay any rent. I thought about it and I figured honestly, why not? We could save at LEAST $1000 a month, if not more, and in a year or so we could have that down payment, and finally get our home. I knew it would be a hard sell for Steve. At least I have roots in Brampton. My family and friends are all there. Everything Steve knows is in and around London.

Many conversations later, we both came to the conclusion that we can't pass this up. If we don't do this, we won't be in our home for years and years, if ever. One year of sacrifice for a lifetime of a home for our family. It will be hard getting used to living with my mom, but she is so easy going and great with the kids. It won't be a problem at all.

And we got the greatest news yesterday. We had gone down to Brampton for the day so Steve could meet with the Regional Manager for the company he works for to talk about a promotion to Branch Manager for one of the Brampton stores, and she hired him on the spot! So we could be in Brampton in the next month!

Such positive things coming up. I am so excited for the future, and the idea of house hunting?!?! SO COOL!! :)

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