Wednesday, April 25, 2012

30 Days of Lists

I came across This Blog today via Pinterest because she makes these adorable little mini scrapbook books (I would post a picture but she doesn't let you copy any URLs from her site, so please go see!)

One of them that she made is '30 Days of Lists' which is a neat little project where she has a prompt for each day, and every day she makes a little list based on her prompt. I think it is so cute, and it allows you to think about things you might not usually think of. And you don't have to make a scrapbook about it, even just logging it (or blogging it) somewhere to look back on. (and I know, I have seriously slacked on my photo challenge.. I do intend on taking each and every remaining photo at some point, it has just been too nuts here to think about it)

I would like to do these lists too. I think it would be fun to look into it.. I am going to bookmark it. It can be a little blog project for May.

You should do it too!


  1. So glad you stopped by for a visit and that you like my mini books...I"m a bit obsessed! And yippee for great customer service, that always makes me smile.

    Have a great Wednesday,

  2. Awesome that you found Monika! You can find out more about 30 Days of Lists at :) -kam

  3. thanks so much for the comments guys! i am for sure checking out the site!