Monday, April 30, 2012

Things Hannah says 2

So the move is over, sol very hectic but I thought I'd pause and share my favorite Hannah quote from the day....
"no Max, you can't have any pizza. Pizza is for grown-ups! I'm sorry, I can't help you!"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

30 Days of Lists

I came across This Blog today via Pinterest because she makes these adorable little mini scrapbook books (I would post a picture but she doesn't let you copy any URLs from her site, so please go see!)

One of them that she made is '30 Days of Lists' which is a neat little project where she has a prompt for each day, and every day she makes a little list based on her prompt. I think it is so cute, and it allows you to think about things you might not usually think of. And you don't have to make a scrapbook about it, even just logging it (or blogging it) somewhere to look back on. (and I know, I have seriously slacked on my photo challenge.. I do intend on taking each and every remaining photo at some point, it has just been too nuts here to think about it)

I would like to do these lists too. I think it would be fun to look into it.. I am going to bookmark it. It can be a little blog project for May.

You should do it too!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here we go

So moving day is fast approaching - our house is in a VERY chaotic state! I have been trying to keep the living areas of this place as clean as possible to try to keep my sanity level in tact, but I am always feeling on edge... any chance I get to leave the house, I take it!

Our dining room lol

On a brighter note, I got my invitation to join Loose Button's Luxe Box! If you haven't heard of it, it is a box of 3-5 DELUXE sized samples from top high end companies that comes to your door each month. It costs $12 a month, but the amount you get of each sample is always worth more than the box itself (from what I can tell from other reviews). So I don't expect to get my first box until late May, but when I do I will post about what I get!

If you are interested in joining, click HERE to use my referral!! :)

But nothing can REALLY distract from real life... Moving day is in 4 more sleeps! We get the truck Friday evening so our plan is to get most of the stuff in then. Then Saturday we will pile on the big furniture. It still feels kind of surreal that we are moving out of London. Even weirder to think that I am moving back home! lol! It has been so long! Kind of crazy but still exciting. Looking forward to the future.

Going to be a hard rest of the week though. A couple of big goodbyes going on. Well, not GOODbyes, but you know what I mean. Steve's mom tomorrow, and my dad and step mom on Thursday (hopefully my sister and her fam will be there too). Hannah is having a sleepover at Nana and Grandpa's Friday night so that will be really fun for her. Of course, we will see everyone a week later at Hannah's birthday party, so it makes saying bye this time a little easier.

On another note, I have darn cute kids!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Having a Fun Break!

After doing nothing but boring old packing and cleaning for 2 weeks, hannah and i took a break for a little fun while baby brother sleeps :)


Friday, April 20, 2012

It's been a bit

I haven't blogged in a little bit. It has just been soooo hectic in this house trying to get everything ready for the move. If I even have some downtime, it is taken up by a needy baby, or, preferably, sleep.

Today has been a particularly trying day. The day started off great. Hannah was behaving and actually using the potty without being reminded. When she went for her nap I tried to get as much done as I could, but Max is going through a very needy phase, and not doing very good at napping for me. It's frustrating, but it is hard to complain when someone so cute wants to spend every minute with you.

My day took a turn for the worse when I walked past my stairs and I smelt an overwhelming scent of poop. At first I assumed one of our cats just dropped a fresh one, but when I realized the smell was coming from UPstairs, I was ready to run away. Hannah threw a shit party in her room (crude, I know, but it is the best way to describe it). How on EARTH is this something that is still happening?! She is practically 3! I couldn't even deal with it! I know she hates having poop in her pull up (who wouldn't) but why not call out for me? And to make matters worse, she got her hands on her detangling spray and poured it alll over her bed. I was beyond frustrated.

After I got her into a bath, cleaned the mess and tended to Max, I attempted a punishment. No TV for the rest of the day, and I made her sit on the couch with no toys for an hour as we occasionally talked about what she did in hopes of her understanding that it is unacceptable behaviour.

She was mad, but I never felt like my point was REALLY getting across. Then, once her couch time out was over, we went to get Steve from work and I had to deal with her running from me in the parking lot, over and over. The girl just does not listen to a word I say any more. I feel like I have tried everything to get her to work with me, but I am getting nowhere. I feel defeated. I am beginning to feel like I have absolutely no idea what I am doing when it comes to disciplining her.

I am considering taking the Positive Parenting Solutions online course. I have heard amazing reviews on it and it promises that I won't even remember the last time I had to raise my voice. Wouldn't that be nice?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

can't wait to move

this part of the moving process is the worst.

The house is in such disarray, it is almost overwhelming. Normally the house is a little untidy, lived in. Toys here and there, a few dishes in the sink, but a house that has started to be packed up is insanity. You lose all motivation to give a crap, too. Why bother cleaning? We are leaving soon! I have also lost all desire to cook. The kitchen seems smaller than ever before. We need groceries badly. I am going tomorrow, but all the enjoyment is gone. Yes, I often enjoy grocery shopping. I have a huge supply of recipes I am dying to make, but I am not attempting anything until we are at my mom's.

I can't WAIT until we are there. (Well, I can in the sense that I am truly going to miss London and all of the wonderful people that are in my life here, but I can't wait to be settled). I am looking forward to having my mom's company while I am home all day. One can go a little nuts without some adult conversation through the day! I am also really excited because my mom likes trying new recipes out like I do. I remember watching Rachael Ray with her one day when she was visiting, and she had Guy Fieri on. He made this awesome tequila turkey fettuccine Alfredo. It had a million ingredients, but we decided to go to the store, and get every single item on that ingredient list, with zero exceptions! It was AMAAAZING! I can see us doing a lot of stuff like that when we are living there. It's going to be such a welcome break to have a little bit of help with the kids through the day too. I will finally be able to fit in some more one-on-one mommy Hannah time. Hopefully that will make her feel as special as she is to me. It's so hard to fit that quality time in with the baby needing so much of my time while nursing, and with Steve being at work often until 8:30.

So many positive changes are coming with this move that it is helping distract my mind from all that we are leaving behind. But I am the type of person that tries to remain as positive as possible, so I am refusing to dwell. Steve is going to be making SO much more money at his new job, which means we can save THAT much more money every month, and get to our goal THAT much quicker. And at the end of the day, that is why we are doing this.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Curse of the "Easy Way Out"

When my daughter was born, and I was a first time mom, I was a big fan of the 'easy way out'. I was guilty of almost every bad habit in the book, just to make my life easier. I let her sleep in bed with me because she didn't sleep well in her bassinet. When she got a little older, I let her take a bottle to bed with her, because I knew it would put her to sleep quickly. And TV has been a big part of our day as long as she had been willing to pay attention to it.

I broke the habit of bringing her in bed with me when she was about 3 or 4 months old. I was worried about bringing back the sleepless nights, but I knew I had to nip it in the bud. Turns out she slept even better on her own, and so did I. I was just too sleep deprived to give it a shot before then.

The bottle to bed was harder to break. I tried just eliminating it, but she was so dependent on it, it became a nightmare. But I knew it had to be done. Just the thought of the damage it was causing her teeth was enough to make me determined. I first switched it to a sippy cup, and I found she was drinking less. But what did it was when she got the flu. I was up all night with the poor thing getting sick over and over. I was forcing her to get water down all night. For the next few days I gave her water in her sippy cup all day and at night to make sure she got properly re hydrated. Then the water just stuck! And eventually she just wanted to have the water next to her bed, in case she woke up thirsty. I wonder what would have happened if she didn't get sick lol.

Now the TV is tricky. I don't plan to turn the TV off in the day. She doesn't spend all of her time staring at the screen, it is just something we have in the background. She likes the songs and occasionally stops and has a watch. Our actual TV problem is in the bedroom. Last year, after a 3 hour long tantrum filled fight to get her to go to sleep, Steve finally got fed up and took the TV and DVD player from our room, put it in hers with a movie, and she fell asleep in minutes. I was too excited to protest. After that it became a very quick habit. I justified it by saying "well, I can't sleep without the TV on, and I am fine."

So we carried on like that for a while. It worked well, she fell asleep quickly and peacefully every night. When we moved last August, our cable provider said we could have up to 4 cable boxes in our house free for a year. So I thought, why not put one in Hannah's room? That way we don't have to worry about putting in a movie every night, we could just put on the kids channel. So things were still good, she still fell asleep well. And in the morning it was great because she was able to play quietly while watching TV, letting us get a little extra sleep.

The last 4 months or so though have been awful. It started with the TV keeping her up for hours. Then, it turned into a fight. She would be running around her room, crying out for us to come upstairs. We would have to go up and talk to her maybe 4 or 5 times a night before she would finally calm down and go to sleep. The only thing that would work was the threat to take away the TV.

If she was sleeping at my mom's, or my dad's or Steve's mom's, she would sleep AMAZINGLY with no TV. Falls asleep right away, sleeps through the night, and in some cases, sleeps in late! And she doesn't bat an eye that there is no TV. So it was my plan to ditch the TV when we move, and she wouldn't know the difference (that was my thought).

Well yesterday was the last straw with that stupid idiot box! I was trying to get some packing done while she napped. Max was content, cooing away in his crib while I packed up his room. Hannah was running around and being a pain in her room. I had to go in there and tell her to get back into her bed like every 20 minutes. I was losing it. I eventually went into my room to feed Max and put him down for his nap. She was still being noisy. I went in and gave my usual threat of taking away the TV. She threw the loudest tantrum I had seen in a long time, waking up Max. I was DONE. I went right into that room and yanked the TV right the hell out of there. I was not going to be controlled by a 3 year old any longer. She cried and cried. But what did it matter? Max was already woken up!

This was a long novel of a post and if you read it I appreciate it. With Max I was determined not to take any easy routes. I refused to sleep with him in the bed. I may have had more nights with zero sleep, but it wasn't going to happen. And now he sleeps no problem in his bed. I am practising putting him to bed awake, which I NEVER did with Hannah, and it's working.. sometimes.

What bad habits have you formed to make like a little easier?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Oh lawd...

I walked in the house after bringing Steve to work and I thought I heard a faint teeny, tiny mew. We knew Zoey was pregnant, but didn't think she was due so soon! We had intended on bringing her to the humane society before she gave birth (that is a long story).

But in the 45 minutes that I was gone, she decided it was time! I first ran upstairs, remembering that I saw her sniffing around the hall closet this morning. I was praying that she didn't have her babies in there! It was kitten free, thank goodness!

Next I checked the basement, and lo and behold, there was Zoey, sitting on the love seat with two little baby kittens nursing. I couldn't believe it! I went upstairs and left her alone. This is her fourth litter in her life, I knew she knows what she is doing.

I went back down about thirty minutes later to check if there were any more but still just two. I called Hannah down to have a look too. Good thing I was there then, I caught one as it was about to fall off the couch! I realised then that Zoey had chosen a poor spot for these little guys. Hannah and I went searching for a box immediately. I found one that was full of random stuff, I just emptied it, figuring I could find a place for that stuff someplace else. I lined the box with a baby blanket from the hospital (we have plenty) and put Zoey and her two babies in.

Now I am just waiting to see if she has any more! I kind of hope she doesn't.. the fewer kittens she has, the fewer homes we have to find! But kittens are so cute! lol

Once she is all done for real, I will take pictures and put them up for all to see!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Photo a day 7,8,9! lol

So Easter made me fall behind!!! lol

Mostly because I never found myself outside enough to take a proper 'shadow' picture for Saturday's photo prompt.

So today I said screw it, I don't need outside to take a shadow pic! So meet my shadow puppet!

I'm not sure what it is supposed to resemble

Next is 'Inside your Wallet' from yesterday's prompt

Don't be fooled, that $100 belongs to my kids.... they have more money than I do.

And finally, today's photo prompt is 'younger you' - I 'stole' this from my friend Shannon's facebook because I don't have any younger pictures of me here! :P

This is from 6th grade I think! Beatty Fleming Middle School! :)

I'm going to try and stay on top of the pictures from now on! lol! As for Steve? I have no idea when he plans to catch up :P

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

We sure have had a busy weekend! I have fallen behind on my photo project a little bit, only because I haven't spent and 'leisure' time outside to catch a cool shadow shot! And I refuse to take the next photo until I have the shadow picture! So hopefully tomorrow I can work it out since we are back to business as usual!

Had a great weekend though. It is so nice to spend quality time with family. I just wish there was more
time! It's too bad Steve's work isn't closed tomorrow like so many places will be. We just aren't able to squeeze in time with EVERYONE. It would be nice if we could, especially with us leaving soon. I've got to make a point to spend as much time with my London family and friends as i possibly can. I am really going to miss everyone soooo so so much.

The Easter Bunny sure was good to Hannah! (Max got some spending money from him, which was pretty nice :P) She got OVERLOADED with chocolate haha. I have never let her have so much junk in one day :P But it's not like it happens every day, so I am not making a big deal about it!

We took the kids to the 'Apple Factory' which is a cute little country shop on the outskirts of Brampton. We always go there on holidays to get some AMAZING pies!!! We have been going there since we were kids. They also carry fresh produce, great meat and cheeses, and so many amazing little speciality items that you can't find in most stores. It's a fun trip. They have this robotic little vegetable 'band' that plays a song about every 10 or 15 minutes or so while you are shopping. The 'Apple Jambouree'. I used to LOVE them when I was a kid! The problem is, it's the same 'band' that has been there for over 20 years and it's getting pretty creepy... Hannah was terrified haha.

So all in all it was a great time had by all this weekend, but TOO much driving! Bleh!!

Hope everyone had a fun Easter spent with whoever means a lot to you!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Big Changes Positive Changes

So Steve and I have decided to make a big change in our lives.

The one thing we want most in the world (physical thing anyways) is to own our own home. We want to put some roots down. We want a place we can finally be proud of. No more being suck just "dealing with" the condition our rental units are in. most of all we at just tired of paying rent every month and not actually getting anything out of it.

But how can anyone manage to save up a down payment while paying such huge amounts of money every month in rent. After the rest of our bills and groceries we are lucky to have anything left. Our dream seemed completely unattainable.

Back in February my mom suggested us moving to Brampton to live with her and not have to pay any rent. I thought about it and I figured honestly, why not? We could save at LEAST $1000 a month, if not more, and in a year or so we could have that down payment, and finally get our home. I knew it would be a hard sell for Steve. At least I have roots in Brampton. My family and friends are all there. Everything Steve knows is in and around London.

Many conversations later, we both came to the conclusion that we can't pass this up. If we don't do this, we won't be in our home for years and years, if ever. One year of sacrifice for a lifetime of a home for our family. It will be hard getting used to living with my mom, but she is so easy going and great with the kids. It won't be a problem at all.

And we got the greatest news yesterday. We had gone down to Brampton for the day so Steve could meet with the Regional Manager for the company he works for to talk about a promotion to Branch Manager for one of the Brampton stores, and she hired him on the spot! So we could be in Brampton in the next month!

Such positive things coming up. I am so excited for the future, and the idea of house hunting?!?! SO COOL!! :)

Photo a Day Challenge April 6

So I am a huge fail.

I was all excited for today's prompt "lunch" because we were going to my nephew's birthday party at Mcdonald's today, and I was all prepared for a whole bunch of adorable photo ops of Hannah hanging out with the big kids, and all of the kids having a blast. I was thinking 'lunch' didn't have to mean the food, it could also mean what was up at lunch time!

Except everything was so busy! lol all of those boys just so loud and hilarious, having the time of their lives! And Hannah, not even 3, was sitting at a table with the girls at the party... hanging out with the older girls! It was freakin adorable! But of course I spent the whole time chatting and enjoying the party, and taking care of Max when he got fussy... I totally forgot about the photo! (So did Steve!)

I did however take a couple of photos, they aren't anything special, but they're cute anyways! So these will be for both Steve and I for today!

Hannah observing the wild and crazy 5 year olds!

I scrambled to get this shot before they all disbursed! My birthday boy nephew is the little guy in navy standing beside Hannah! Look at all of those kids! SO fun!

I assure you I will be posting non-photo challenge entries soon, maybe tonight... it has just been a hectic week! 

As long as Max stays like this, I can get something done ;) ...

He is man enough to rock a pink playpen and a purple blanket... doesn't bother him a bit! :P

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Steve's Photo a Day Challenge April 5

Yay Steve didn't copy me! ;) lol

We were at my mom's for the day because Steve had his job interview (will write about how that went hopefully tomorrow) and he found this random tiny little pig! He's beside a toothpick conveniently so you can see a size comparison :P

cute lil fella!!

Photo a Day Challenge April 5

Today's prompt is 'Tiny'

I decided on my photo subject last night when I was trying to get Max to sleep, and he had a very firm grip on my thumb... I just thought it was so sweet how such a tiny hand had such a strong grip on my finger :) And how big my thumb was in comparison to his little hand! So sweet

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge April 4

Today's prompt: someone who makes you happy

Normally I try to do these early because I get excited (I'm nerdy like that) but I wanted to take a photo of Steve for this, and he was working all day. Plus today was super busy preparing for our short trip to Brampton. We left around 5, and even though we are barely going to be here for 24 hours, travelling with two kids (and one an infant) requires waaaaay too much equipment!

Anyways, I will put both Steve's and mine in this one post.

I chose Steve as someone who makes me happy because he does every day. We really work well together. And without him and I being a team, we wouldn't have our beautiful babies! Our little family is the best!
Poor Sunburnt face lol

And of course for Steve's, he's a copycat and took a photo of me lol... but that is nice of him hehe

Not a big fan of this pic, but it is not my challenge! :P

Anyways this is it for today, tomorrow I will try to blog more. I enjoy it a lot. But we have a busy day ahead. Going to hang out with my mom and get the stuff to make my Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Alfredo for my mom and my aunt!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Steve's Photo a Day Challenge April 3

So Steve took his picture when he came home tonight, annnnnnd ended up taking the same photo as i did... so just check out my Photo a Day post from earlier for his lol

Hopefully tomorrow we will take different photos :P

Printable Stationery

Thinking about writing to a penpal made me want tohave beautiful stationery.... so I made a printable page that I can can just print and use when I need it, and not have to buy any!

If anyone wants a personalised one of their own, I can make it for you! Just E-Mail me!

Or you can download mine! :)

Whats Up Ashley Stationery

Photo a Day Challenge April 3

Today's prompt is Mail

I was hoping I would get some fun mail today, (like Hannah's birthday dress that I ordered) - but alas, nothing came at all...

So here is my sad, empty mailbox..


Trying to come up with an idea for my photo challenge today (the prompt is Mail), I decided to go browse the Flickr group that the host of the challenge Fat Mum Slim set up for the submission of photos.

People are so darn creative! Seeing all of the different beautiful stationary and letters that people took photos of made me wish that I had mail that was more interesting than bills and flyers.

Made me remember when I was a kid, I had a couple of penpals. The "bop" magazines I would always read would have these pages where you can fill in things about yourself, and submit them to find a penpal. They were short lived friendships because as a 10 year old, I had a short attention span for that sort of thing. But it sure was fun recieving letters just for me!

I want to do that again! I want to find new and interesting people around the world (or even the country) to share letters between. The problem is I don't know too many international people lol. I breifly searched for penpal websites, but I fear all I will find is weirdos lol.

I am determined though, I will find some penpals!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Steve's Photo a Day Challenge

I have convinced Steve to participate in this challenge too! I had him catch up tonight so here are his first two days of photos...

Day One: Reflection

All fancy shmancy in his CM Punk t-shirt

Day Two: Colour

I questioned how this photo describes "colour" but the artist knows his vision! :P lol

Photo a Day Challenge - April 2nd

Woohoo! Day 2 of the photo challenge!

Today`s prompt is COLOUR!

My original idea for today`s photos was to paint my nails using all of my bright neon polishes, and then hold something bright like an orange... but with Hannah running around and a very needy 10 week old baby, I didn`t have a lot of time to wait for my nails to dry lol.

So I went for something quick and easy... Smarties! And the bumper pad from my little guy`s crib set as a backdrop (gotta be good for something!)

`Zombie` Green Onions

A while ago on Pinterest I pinned something about how you can regrow your green onions in a glass jar of water in your window.

Green onions arent exactly expensive, but I love them, and the idea of having a few fresh ones on hand if I didnt have any sounded pretty convenient!

So last time I used them i grabbed a glass and threw them in, not expecting much...

So according to the date on the photo file, I started these on March 23rd.... well here they are below, on March 25th - TWO DAYS LATER! Back from the dead! (Hence calling them zombies hehe)

Can you believe how fast they started to grow? I was blown away. And below is a shot from the next day! March 26th! 24 hours later!

Did anyone else know green onions grew this fast? I grew them in my garden once and they kind of took over, but this little experiment was really exceeding my expectations. Below was taken 3 days later, March 29th.

They are practically back to store bought size! The next one was taken yesterday.. I harvested one onion and put it back and it had already started to regrow... and each onion was starting to sprout a second shute! (We also bought more green onions to make a bunch of nachos, so I threw some more in)

I figure why not? It`s better than buying them every week just in case, and having them wilt in the fridge when you don`t end up using them!

(Also I just noticed the dead fly on the windowsill in each photo lol.. gross.. how did I not notice him?)

Happy Monday! - Things I am looking forward to this week...

1. Slow Cooking a roast on Wednesday. My house is going to smell amazing all day!  Scratch that! We won't be home for dinner that night. But I did purchase all of the ingredients to make my Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Alfredo again! I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since I made it! And I got double the goat cheese this time! That will be for Tuesday!
2. Steve's job interview on Thursdsy; such a huge opportunity
3. The trip to Brampton for his interview; get to have a little visit with my mom!
4. Celebrating my nephew's 5th birthday and taking the kids to his Mcdonalds Birthday Party
5. Heading back to Brampton for Easter with the fam!
6. Working on my Photo a Day Challenge!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Dream Home Daydreaming

Steve and I always dream about winning our millions in the lottery. We talk about what we would do with the money to the point that we begin to feel very disappointed that we don't have it! I know, I know, money doesn't buy happiness and I should be happy with what I have, but wouldn't it just be a blast to be a millionaire?

The biggest thing on my wish list for when we win the lottery is to build my dream house! I don't think I would want to move to a completely different province, or to the states, just maybe a beautiful place near a beach or on the lake, not too far from our families. It doesn't need to be overly big, but I do have some specific ideas. Whenever my mind gets on the dream home track, I love looking at celebrity homes. I get upset, yes, but it's also fun to fantasize!

I picture earthy colours, hardwood everywhere, a gorgeous, large outdoor patio, surrounded by trees and cozy comfort. I picture a home designed for entertaining. I'm not the fancy dinner party type, but I love family. I love the idea of having everyone over for casual suppers, some drinks and good times. I want there to be ample space for my kids and my nephews to play together. I want an open concept space where I can be cooking in the kitchen, but still be completely involved with what is happening in the family room.

This is Jennifer Aniston's old home.. I love that wall, and the dark wood everywhere. So cozy and comfortable.

This is Hynes Ward's kitchen... aside from the colour scheme it is very close to what I am picturing for us (except for the counter space that is against the wall is a little sparce...)

I want a big kitchen with beautiful granite counter tops (very SPACIOUS ones), a large island with a built in stove top, and bar stools to encourage conversation. A big fridge stocked with everything I need for anything I wish to cook! I want one of those double ovens (not sure what they are called, but they let you cook two different things at different temperatures), and a big ole dishwasher. And of course it wouldn't be complete without beautiful art everywhere.

Another dream is a beautiful extravagant outdoor space! If it's getting to be too much, keep going! I love Kim Kardashian's outdoor space (below). It is ridiculous! Is it always set up like that? What if it rains? lol.. either way, it just looks so inviting and comfortable!

But then there is Jerry Seinfeld's outdoor space... just look at the view you get to have while enjoying the evening air!

Looking at celebrity homes inspires me. Maybe Steve and I will find our callings, and be successful enough to get these things on our own! I don't foresee us being movie stars, or rock stars, but not every big beautiful home in the world belongs to one of those!

I don't care much for the stark white homes, or the houses with too much space. It looks cold and uninviting.

However, this could be a girl's ultimate fantasy!
This is Christina Aguilera's old home (purchased from the Osbournes) - here to see a blog that featured the whole house. It is pink and beautiful and girly and gorgeous!

It's fun to fantasize about a dream home. I have an album full of photos of my favourite celebrity homes. Actually I have most of them uploaded to my photobucket account here.

Anyways, that was fun daydreaming for a bit! Time to get back to my reality of yet another stain on my carpets!!

Oh.. I almost forgot.. Steve fancies himself a 'grotto' kind of guy ;)

A Photo A Day Challenge - April 1st

Day one of The Photo a Day Challenge!

1 - Your Reflection

I took this prompt as literal as I could lol... I considered using a 'different' surface for my reflection like an appliance with a reflective surface, but I had a rare day where I felt cute, so I chose to just use the bathroom mirror :)

Plus I don't think I even have a photo of myself up here yet (aside from the little pictures of Steve and I on my About Ashley page)

Day one, check!