Saturday, March 24, 2012

My "Famous" Burgers

So I figure a good place to start this blog would be to post something not too heavy... And by heavy I mean not so serious... I don't intend to be serious in this blog too often, but when I am it's because I need a place to get my thoughts out of my head.
But that's not today! (i have stuff to get out but I choose not to today)
I have only ever tried to make homemade hamburgers once in my life, and I essentially made meatloaf patties by mistake lol. So I never really tried again. I was very happy with my storebought frozen ones.

But after this nice big list of recalled meats, I felt like none of the frozen kinds were okay... because let's face it, that list has like every single kind on there.

So it inspired me to try homemade again! Since the ground beef in my freezer was not on that list, and we had that fabulous summer weather that was screaming BBQ.

I did not want a repeat of my meatloaf burgers lol, so I scoured my FAVOURITE recipe site, All Recipes for a tasty burger to make. Searching for recipes makes me frustrated because I NEVER have all of the ingredients. EVER! I can generally find a decent substitution, and going out to get the missing ingredients is not usually an option because I am cooking when I am home with the kids and without the car while mister is working. ANYWAYS I was coming across this same problem when I was looking at all of the mouth-watering recipes for burgers... So I said screw it, and I just took note of all of the basic things that were in a lot of the yummiest ones and decided to wing it. And DAMN it worked out!! :) So here is what I did!

Ingredients (I  must note that I didn't think to actually measure things)

-2lb of ground beef
-1 egg (to keep it allll together)
-3 or 4 cloves of garlic, diced/crushed (I love garlic so adjust to your taste)
-1 medium sized onion diced (I've used more too.. I also love onions)
-Honey garlic BBQ sauce (I didn't measure this)
-Worcestershire Sauce
-1tbsp (I think?) Of dried basil (I would have liked to use fresh but no biggie)
-Salt and Pepper to taste

Pretty basic right? I bet most people have this stuff kicking around. For the honey garlic sauce, you can really use any bbq sauce but I love the sweetness of it. I used Diana brand, but I will put a little recipe at the bottom to create your own.

How To: (Please forgive the photo quality, I only had my blackberry to use at the time)

1. Grab your helper (not required, but totally recommended!)

2. Combine all of your ingredients in a bowl. For the BBQ sauce, since I never measured, I will say that I squirted it in a circle the circumference of the bowl 2 1/2 times (if that makes ANY sense), and the Worcestershire sauce i kinda just shook it for 3 seconds. Like I said everything with this recipe is 'to taste'... I love flavour so I am always generous.

3. Form your patties! A tip I got from Rachael Ray is to form your patties with the middle a bit thinner than the outside (like kind of make a lip around it).. This helps the patties cook more uniformly. I like to make a little one for Hannah :)

4. BBQ away! I made ours with bacon and slices of marble cheese. SO good... I had planned on taking a picture of the finished project, but baby boy was desperate for a feeding once I finally got dinner finished, so I got to eat cold supper, as usual lol... and by then I was just so happy to be eating I forgot all about taking a picture :P

Maybe next time I make it I will retake the photos and get one of the finished product :)

Honey Garlic Sauce
It is pretty easy to make the sauce... just take any kind of BBQ sauce (I have never tried it with anything overly strong or smokey, I usually just use a regular kind) and mix it with equal parts honey. Then, crush up 3 or 4 cloves of garlic and mix it all together... from there you can make adjustments to suit your tastes. This sauce is amazing on ribs and chicken wings as well!

Happy BBQing!

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