Tuesday, March 27, 2012

L'oreal Sublime Mousse Hair Colour - Product Review

So a few weeks ago I picked up two boxes of the new L'oreal Sublime Mousse on sale. WEEKS ago. I am someone with a lot of hair so I couldn't dye it without a cut first. Well on the weekend I finally got my cut so I decided to finally colour my hair last night.

I had heard really good things about the new Loreal mousse dye, and I was excited to try it. Maybe some day I will have the disposable income to drop $150 + to get my hair coloured at my salon, but until then, I am the box dye queen.

I DREAD dying my hair. I have so much of it that it seriously takes FOREVER to get all of the colour through my hair, and even then I always miss some spots in the back, Sometimes I think I should really go for a third box. I considered it this time too even though I got my hair cut and thinned, necause I find that 'novelty' hair colour always tends to have less. But thankfully that wasn't the case this time, and it went pretty well!

Okay there is the dye! The colour I used was called Spicy Auburn Brown... I had spent the past 6 or 7 years of my life as a bright and vibrant redhead, but once I became a mom, hair coluring was few and far between and it just got gross. So I decided it would be best to go brown to get as close to my (non grey) roots as I could. It worked a bit but you could always see a bit of red shining through, which I kind of liked. So this colour was the closest to how my hair turned.

So I was especially excited because I read that the application was just like shampooing. So easy enough, no dropping hair colour, and lathering it made me feel like it would be hard to miss spots.

   My extremely faded colour before

All of the "ingredients"

So the application was pretty great. The dye came out as a foam from the applicator which meant I didn't drip a single time! And it was pretty much exactly like lathering shampoo. Easy Peasy! 
The only part that bothered me was that the pump was hard to push when your gloves are all wet and slippery from the dye, but that was only a minor annoyance. You leave it in for 30 minutes (which is slightly longer than most hair colour, but it was the least of my concerns).

You can't really tell the colour too well in this picture... the sun was super bright barrelling into my washroom at 7:30 am
This one's a little better... but not really...  I really like the way the colour turned out, and so far I haven't come across any missed spots!

Any way, in conclusion, I thought the product was awesome and I will without a doubt be getting it again. And lucky me my couponing queen friend Jessie gave me 4 coupons for $4 off a box! Score! :)

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